Vitligo Surgery

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Vitiligo is a serious skin problem that causes white spots on the parts of the body. the body part having the white patch may be the face, neck, or arms and when the condition takes place, the patients may feel embarrassed due to odd look. this disease may be the cause of low self-confidence and a bad self-image. Therefore, the surgeons of the clinic not only treat the white patches but they heal the psychological problems as well.

Vitiligo: Overview

Vitiligo is a condition of skin in which the skin has white patches on multiple parts of the body. Melanocytes cells are responsible for skin color and when these cells are died due to several reasons, white spots occur on the skin. This disease is related to thyroid gland dysfunction or it may a result of an autoimmune disease. The patients may have one or two spots on the skin or it may result in a more severe condition of the skin. There are several treatments that are prescribed for the patients of Vertigo but surgical treatment for the disease is the most preferred technique to cure the health issue.

The procedure of Vitiligo

The surgeon performs the vitiligo surgery with the aim of achieving total repigmentation for the white spot. The surgeon removes the normal skin cells from the donor part and transfers it to the skin with the white spot. there are several techniques and types of skin grafting that are used to get optimum results. Moreover, the surgeon has to look for several factors like age, the severity of the disease, medical history, health condition, and the size of the white patches for treating the patients effectively.

Vitiligo surgery in the Mayo clinic:

The patients coming to the clinic are generally sad and feel inferior to others. Therefore, the surgeon of the clinic, first of all, try to make them believe that they can be treated with the advanced surgical treatment that is carried out in the clinic. After asking some question the surgeon may prescribe some medical checkups and the patient is ready for the surgery. The technique is decided after considering the factors explained above. The success rate of the surgery is quite high in the clinic and the patients are back with a satisfied face.

The benefits of vitiligo surgery in the Mayo Clinic

Optimum results:

The surgeons of the clinic make best efforts to provide satisfactory results after the surgery. Generally, the surgeons make a perfect match with the surrounding skin and white patch is permanently invisible.

Experienced surgeons:

Vitiligo is a serious disease it is necessary to consider several factors before the surgery. our surgeons have performed several surgeries and know about every possible condition that may occur during or after the surgery.

Improved confidence and self-esteem:

After the treatment, the patients feel better and they are genuinely happy from inside. Therefore, they leave the clinic with boosted self-confidence.

Hygienic environment:

All the required facilities are provided in the clinic and the surgery is performed in a sterile environment. Therefore, the patients are in safe hands while they are in the clinic.

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