Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery

Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery is a special kind of surgery which is conducted to treat defects and disorders related to hand and wrist. The surgery is carried out to improve the function of these body parts as well as to improve their aesthetic value.

The team of surgeons at Mayo Clinic is skilled in performing Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery. Hand and wrist are one of the most important parts of our body. They serve numerous purposes and thus Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery must be carried out cautiously. You can completely rely on our surgeons as they are experts in performing this surgery. They make sure every little detail is taken care of to ensure the safety of the patient and carry out the surgery successfully.

This is an intricate surgical procedure. The patients are first examined thoroughly to understand the need for surgery. The procedure and medication involved in this surgery varies based on the reason for surgery. In some cases, the surgery may be completed in one sitting while others may require more time. A lot of care needs to be taken post the surgery as the healing process requires time. The patients can rely on our surgeons even post the surgery.

The team at Mayo Clinic believes in transparency. Every essential detail pertaining to Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery is discussed with the patients and the treatment is done only when the patient is completely satisfied with the information provided.

We are glad to have handled numerous cases of Hand & Micro Vascular Surgery successfully and come up to the expectations of our clients.


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