Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat Transfer, also known as lipomodelling, is a surgical procedure conducted to transfer fat from one body part to another. It is done to remove excess body fat from one part to bring it back to shape. This fat is transferred to another part to enhance it and give it a rich look. Face, hands and breasts are mostly the areas where the fat is transferred to improve the look while the belly and thighs are the areas from where the excess fat is extracted to give them the desired shape. So, Fat Transfer Procedure serves dual purpose.

The procedure is complex and only highly qualified cosmetic surgeons must be trusted with it. Mayo Clinic has been conducting Fat Transfer Procedure since long. The team of surgeons at the clinic have carried out numerous such cases and are thus well-versed with the entire procedure. They understand the importance of examining the patient before carrying out this treatment in order to ensure that he is in the right health condition to undergo the same. They do a thorough check-up of the patients before beginning with the Fat Transfer Procedure . The shape that comes about after the procedure seems completely natural and the affect of the same lasts long. Our surgeons also provide post-treatment care and medication to the patients. Besides, patients are sensitised about the things to be avoided post this treatment so as to ensure the desired result.

Our clients have appreciated the services provided to them and we are glad to have served them well.

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